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Top Three Gun Safes Today

A gun safe is a secured and locked cabinet or container for guns and ammunition to keep out those who are not qualified or authorized to be using the guns. Guns can be extremely dangerous in the hands of someone who does not appreciate or does not know how to use them.

Gung safes come with many different locks from combination, fingerprint ID, and digital locks and usually have protective barriers to fight against fire, flood and damage. Some guns safes are resistant to forced entry; some are only resistant to the young hands that could potentially be harmed by lock and key.

If you own a firearm you have to own a gun safe to be considered a responsible firearms, owner and you most defiantly need one if you have children. It is your responsibility to keep others safe from harm and lock up your firearms, and ammo, and certain states have laws mandating the use of gun safes. There are several on the market today for both hand guns and long guns, like shotguns, but some are better than others.

Gun Vault 

For handguns, the Gun Vault Speed Vault Handgun Safe offers fast access with durable eighteen gauge steel construction and can be mounted just about anywhere. If you desire speed of access from anywhere and require top of the line protection from theft or your gun ending up in unqualified hands, then the Gun Vault Speed Vault Handgun Safe will do the trick.

The Gun Box

The Gun Box is developed using aircraft aluminum alloy and has motion and vibration sensors with a loud alarm. The Gun Box can only be opened either via three hundred and sixty biometric fingerprint scan or using the RFID tag. The Gun Box is also portable but can be mounted wherever desired for a simple wave of the hand for easy access.


The Stack-On fourteen gun fire resistant gun safes are an outstanding value and are a total package when it comes to protection of your long guns and hand guns alike. The Stack-On tactical gun safes have re-enforced steel walls with two one inch interlocking steel bolts and five locking points for superior protection. The fire retardant materials packed in the steel walls allow up to fourteen hundred degrees for thirty minutes and will automatically seal the door against fire and smoke.

If you desire to keep unqualified and unauthorized handling of you ammo and firearms you need to buy one of the many gun safes available today. There are many on the market so do your research on which of the gun safes is right for you and protect your children and unknowing victims from using your firearms and be a responsible gun owner.

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  1. GunVault DrawerVault Biometric

    GunVault DrawerVault Biometric

    Regular Price: $359.99

    Special Price $239.99

    Now there's a security solution created for any area in your residence. The DrawerVault (GV 3000) series fits and will work in most traditional drawers that makes it the wise choice for handgun safe-keeping. Additionally ideal for passports, paper work, hard cash, or other expensive items— the DrawerVault is excellent for your house or business. Learn More
  2. GunVault MicroVault-XL Biometric

    GunVault MicroVault-XL Biometric

    Regular Price: $329.99

    Special Price $199.99

    Rock-solid Modern construction: - Shielding foam-lined inside - Handy elastic strap with spaces for additional storage - High-strength lock system operates reliably over and over - 18-gauge steel construction Learn More

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