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Do’s and Do Not’s of Buying Bulk Ammo

With all the violence that has been happening in the world lately, many survivalists have been collecting ammo for all the firearms they own, especially the ones that they use most often. Since government monitoring of the buying of bulk ammo has become more frequent with events in the past year, building a bulk ammo supply is becoming a challenge. Here are some tips when you are looking to buy and store a bulk ammo supply.

The Dos of buying Bulk Ammo

When you are looking to build your ammo supply, think about buying a box of bulk ammo at a time after each paycheck. Another tip is to buy from different stores, instead of just one. If you are buying your bulk ammo at a gun show, shop around at the different booths to get the best prices. Many gun owners buy the same brand, so these brands can cost more. You should always think about price per round when you shop for bulk ammo.

Make a list of all the ammunition that you can get both locally and online, and keep a running list of all the prices. This makes it easy to compare prices. For many brands that have cheaper pricing, the standard of manufacturing is about the same as name brand ammo. Before you buy a box of bulk ammo from a new brand, you should buy a smaller box and test the ammo in your weapon to see if it works the same as your old brand.

The Do Not’s of Buying Bulk Ammo

When you buy ammo, there are some important things that you should never do. The first being that you should never buy ammo with a box dated over 10 years old. The gun powder in the ammo may not work, causing the gun to not fire, as you will be better safe than sorry. Next, do not buy a box of ammo that is ripped, broken, or the seal is damaged. This could mean that the ammo has been damaged or tampered with. The same rule applies to buying loose ammo. The only time that this should be done is if you have personally checked over the ammo. The last thing you should do when buying bulk ammo is to watch out for super cheap prices. Ammo with these super low prices, maybe advertised as discounted pricing and can be stolen, or production rejects.


The best way to store your bulk ammo is in an ammo can that is both air and water tight. The ammo should be stored in a cool, dry area. No matter the type of bulk ammo that you are storing, the use of stay dry packets is recommended. Some of the bulk ammo on the market will come in sealed, preserved containers that are ready to be stored.

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