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Bulk 9mm Ammo

Ideal for self defense situations, the 9mm has less recoil and quick bursts of shots, allowing you to fend off an attacker in an active self-defense shooting situation easily. Because it can hold 15 rounds, you'll want to stock up on bulk ammo. Tactical Gear Ops has an extensive selection of bulk 9mm ammo from names you trust, like Magtech, Federal and Remington. Whether you choose brass, copper, bronze or some other metal, you can be certain you'll be on target with this ammunition.

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One of the most asked questions regarding 9mm ammo is, "What is the difference between 9mm, 9x19, 9mm luger, etc?"

In the US, there really is no difference. If you head over to wikipedia, you'll see a chart with the measurements of each type of 9mm. Wikipedia.

Which manufacturers do you carry?

We carry only the top name brands on the market in terms of new ammo. They range from CCI, Remington, Speer, Federal Ammunition, and more.

I've seen prices increase and decrease on 9mm ammo over the past year, what gives?

Unfortunately, the price of 9mm ammo is not stable. Your government has decided that it is shutting down the last smeltering plant in the US and will be driving up the prices over the next several months. "Last US Smeltering Plant to Close". However, we have seen prices come down at the end of 2013. In March, we couldn't keep 1000 rds on the shelves at close to $700. Now they can be had for less than $400 in most cases. Market conditions and demand dictate most pricing fluctuations (consider Sandy Hook and the Obama administration targeting AR's in the months after). We highly recommend staying up to date on the latest market conditions and to plan accordingly.

What 9mm handgun do you suggest?

This is really a personal preference. Its typically best to shoot several if you have the ability to test them out. Check out your local dealer and local shooting ranges. We only supply bulk ammo at this time and no guns.